ZenHub SaaS Product Marketing Video

SaaS product marketing is a strategy used by companies with the help of videos to market their SaaS product to increase brand awareness and boost revenue. They can not only use video marketing for onboarding and client acquisition, but also for customer support with educational and instructional videos that guide new clients how to use their software.

ZenHub SaaS Product Marketing Video
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ZenHub is a lightweight browser extension that injects features directly into GitHub’s native interface, like Task Boards, Burndown Charts, and ToDo, the first personal task manager built for GitHub. As the only collaboration solution that adds features directly into GitHub, it helps you stay in your workflow without distractions, there are no new queues to check, entries to update, or priorities to manage outside of GitHub. The Saas product marketing video shows how ZenHub helps you to work with the world’s best development team.

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