20 Video Examples From Investment Management Services & Solutions

3D Animated VideoThe centre of gravity in investment management is changing as client service and value added delivery become key competitive differentiators. The established investment management firms are under threat from new competitors. Then there’s the new breed of well-informed, more technically savvy clients with higher expectations that take a superior investor experience for granted. It is clear that investment managers must alter their marketing strategies to keep pace. Video marketing can hold the key to support your client relationship and enhance the entire investment experience for your clients.

Video marketing is increasingly being used by Investment Management services & solution providers to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article we look at 20 Video Examples From Investment Management Services & Solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own investment management solution. Here we go :

Goldman Sachs Investment Management Services Video

Goldman sachs investment management services offer clients proprietary research and market insights in an ever-changing macro environment. They design investment products to express new ideas and structure portfolios that seek to capitalize on market inefficiencies to help clients meet their goals. The investment management video shows how Goldman Sachs can help you develop investment strategies and identify the opportunities that can shape your portfolios and long-term investment goals.


Thomson Reuters Investment Solutions Video

Thomson Reuters investment management solutions can help you respond to volatile investment climate and intensified competition for clients with sophistication and efficiency. They deliver the trusted financial intelligence necessary to support your business and provide integrated market access and flexible technology solutions that allow you to leverage our value in the way that’s most convenient for you. The investment solution video details how Thomson Reuters can provide you the information and tools you need to drive decision making across your investment organization.


Nutmeg Investment Services Video

Nutmeg is an online investment management service that helps you build and manage intelligent portfolios, ISAs and Pensions, with no hidden charges at a low fee. Their diversified portfolios that spread risk across asset classes, geographies and industries, while keeping costs in check. Their experienced investment team constantly monitors and rebalances your portfolio to keep it on track. The investment services video shows how Nutmeg’s experts can build and manage an intelligent investment portfolio for you.


Calypso Investment Management Solution Video

Calypso’s investment management solution integrates seamlessly with their multi-asset trading and collateral management platform to address the evolving needs of the market. Their collateral optimization solution provides a single data repository for real-time views of all available and pledged securities as well as all existing margin calls. Their portfolio workstation is a feature-rich command center that provides users with real-time portfolio insights as well as the ability to take action immediately. The investment management solution video shows how their workstation centralizes all position and risk data, ensure accurate, up-to-date information.


Gerber Kawasaki Investment Services Video

Gerber Kawasaki is a team of experienced investment advisors that utilizes the latest technology to educate and inform you on how to achieve your financial goals. They help you build your financial plan, do your budget, track your net worth, get their viewpoint on the news and monitor your accounts. The investment management firm video shows how Gerber Kawasaki can help you implement and manage your investment plan.


Fidelity Investment Management Services Video

Fidelity is an investment management service that helps you with financial planning, from complex wealth management to your retirement needs. They provide you tailored strategies from a dedicated team to help preserve and grow your wealth, create a charitable legacy, plan for retirement and more. The investment management video shows how Fidelity can help you meet all your investment management needs.


Nicola Wealth Investment Services Video

Nicola Wealth investment management services understands your personal and financial objectives and creates a sophisticated financial plan that integrates everything from tax planning and risk management to your investment portfolio and estate wishes. Their conservative yet innovative approach to investing including additional alternative asset classes such as private equity, mortgages, private debt and institutional-grade real estate. The investment services video highlights how their investment pools can improve investment returns and meet your goals.


ANZ Investment Services Video

ANZ Investment Management helps you benefit from investing in multi-asset-class funds that spread their investments over hundreds of assets across local and international markets. Your investment will access a broad range of assets you might not be able to invest in yourself. You also benefit from flexible payment and withdrawal options. You can choose how much and when to invest and when to withdraw your money. The investment services video demonstrates how ANZ helps optimize their finances.


Amundi Investment Management Services Video

Amundi is an asset management firm that provides research, accounting, risk control, investment management control solutions for its clients. It provides its services to individuals, institutions, corporations, pension and retirement funds, provident funds, banks, insurance companies, and government entities. The firm manages separate client-focused portfolios. It launches and manages equity, fixed income, and balanced mutual funds for its clients. The firm also launches and manages hedge funds for its clients. It invests in the public equity, fixed income and hedging markets across the globe. The investment services video shows how Amundi can help you minimize the chance of large falls yet retaining the long term gains.


Cedar Brook Investment Services Video

Cedar Brook investment management services creates an investment strategy that supports your personal needs and objectives. The strategies are developed by their investment professionals who understand the market and seeks to determine the best asset allocation for you. They also review investments you may already have, and make recommendations so that all of your investments are coordinated. The investment management video shows how Cedar Brook can identify your goals and provide an investment strategy personalized to fit your financial outlook.


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Scalable Capital Investment Management Video

Scalable Capital is an investment management solution that helps you invest with fastest growing digital wealth manager. They provides you a personalised, globally diversified and fully managed portfolio. They optimise your portfolio and monitor risk based on the latest quantitative research. They give you access to all major asset classes and regions, with an investment universe covering more than 8,500 securities. They use cost-efficient, passive Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that they rigorously select for you. The investment management video highlights the main features offered by Scalable Capital.


Wealthfront Investment Management Services Video

Wealthfront is an automated investment management service that helps investors achieve their financial goals. Their team embodies the fusion of finance with automation, machine learning and data science to deliver the best investment strategies. It links directly to your accounts to build an accurate picture of your financial life. The investment services video shows how easily you can start managing your investments with Wealthfront.


Hagan NewKirk Investment Services Video

Hagan NewKirk’s investing philosophy is built upon sector and style weighting, risk minimization and tax optimization. To help you reach your financial potential, their team creates a globally diversified portfolio tailored around their core principles and your unique financial goals. They assess the health of your current financial situation & provide recommendations to secure your financial future. The investment management services video demonstrates how they can help you easily and effectively manage your investments.


Janjua Dehal Investment Services Video

Janjua Dehal provides holistic investment management services to executives, professionals, corporations, and high-net-worth families. They use a well-disciplined investment approach and philosophy to meet the investment objectives of families and corporations through a non-commission-based model. They provide significant value for their clients by recommending appropriate strategies based on careful analysis of their established risk tolerance, time horizon and individual investment objectives. The investment management video shows how Janjua Dehal can customize your portfolio to suit your risk level and exceed your performance expectations.


Bonanza Investment Management Services Video

Bonanza investment management services hand-pick large-cap and mid-cap stocks for your portfolio, track the risks involved on a continuous basis, and deliver consistently high returns on investment. This scheme is suitable for investors looking for exposure in multi-cap stocks with limited down-side and offering huge upside potential. They follow policy of timely booking profit and losses here while curtailing the portfolio volatility to low levels. The investment management services video shows how Bonanza can help you efficiently manage your portfolio to increase your investment returns.


Heritage Investment Services Video

Heritage Wealth Advisors offers independent investment management strategies designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of their clients. Through a thoughtful financial planning process, they develop a deep understanding of each client’s priorities, risk tolerance levels and expectations. Their investment management team provides objective and independent strategies designed to best suit a client’s customized goals. The investment services video shows how Heritage can provide you with an investment policy statement to meet your financial goals.


Align My Wealth Investment Solution Video

Align My Wealth provides investment management services that customizes your investment plan to align with your goals. Your customized portfolio will be built upon rigorous academic research and the latest thinking applied to your particular situation. Their investment management services include customized portfolios, ongoing portfolio management and periodic performance reviews to ensure alignment with your goals and objectives. The investment management solution video details the things to acknowledge while investing.


Quilter Cheviot Investment Solution Video

Quilter Cheviot provides active investment management services, combines active asset allocation and active stock selection to achieves the best results. They manage bespoke portfolios that are tailored to your individual preferences, based on their understanding of your investment goals and aspirations. The investment solution video shows how their active investment management approach can quickly take advantage of the best investment opportunities from across the globe.


Wealthfront Investment Management Video

Wealthfront is the largest and fastest-growing SEC-registered, software-based financial and investment advisor. Their mission is to provide access to the same high quality financial advice offered by major financial institutions and private wealth managers, like tax-loss harvesting, without the high account minimums or costs. The investment solution video talks about how by building an automated investment service from the ground up to put the client first, Wealthfront is paving the way for a new generation of investors to achieve their financial goals.


Pragma Investment Management Service Video

Pragma offers a scalable investment care service suited to organisations of all sizes and maturity levels. It has a fully outsourced investment management programme where they perform planning, execution and procurement services on behalf of the organisation, freeing up their time to focus on core business. The 2D animated investment management video shows how Pragma takes care of the assets, ensuring they provide the support needed to do business.


An Investment Management services & solution provider can create the following videos :

  • Investment Management overview video
  • Investment Management introduction video
  • Investment Management animated explainer Video
  • Investment Management marketing video
  • Investment Management promotional video
  • Youtube teaser videos
  • Business use case study videos
  • Investment Management how to videos

With the above Investment Management services & solution video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids, understand Investment Management services & solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting stuff in Investment Management Services & Solutions video examples, if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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